Greg's Positions

Fighting for Public Safety 

Greg supports the Stonington Police and the North Stonington Resident State Trooper.  He believes strongly in police accountability but he will work hard to fix the police bill that passed because it was extremely flawed, endangering public safety and the police alike.  

Kate Rotella voted against law enforcement, making us less safe and costing us up to $750,000 next year alone.  

Fighting for Our Economic Future

Greg will not support tax increases or tolls in Connecticut.  Greg supports fiscal responsibility and he knows the State has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  Greg knows we need to rebuild our economy and he will fight to ease job-killing tax and regulatory burdens on small businesses and hard-working residents.  

Kate Rotella also supports tolls in lockstep with the big spenders in Hartford.  You can count on Greg not to vote for tax increases or tolls and to rein in wasteful spending.

Fighting for Local Control

Kate Rotella always votes the party line, not what’s best for Stonington and North Stonington.  Greg will always do what’s best for the district.  Greg has been cross-endorsed by the Republican and Independent Parties.

Greg has two young kids in the school system and understands the importance of local control of education. Greg will work hard to make sure the State doesn’t saddle us with more unfunded mandates.

Caring for Our Children

Greg has dedicated himself to youth sports because he knows how important team play and coaching role models are to our children.

He also knows that ill-intentioned volunteers sometimes make their way into these programs.

Greg will introduce legislation that requires youth organizations to screen volunteers using databases such as Safe Sport and the DCF Central Registry to weed out anyone with a history of misconduct toward children.

A vote for Greg Howard for State Representative, 43rd District is a vote for you!

Vote Tuesday, November 3rd in person or absentee beginning on October 2nd.