For the last two years, Greg has brought your voice and your concerns to Hartford.  As promised, Greg worked across party lines to find common ground to address juvenile crime, police accountability, the opioid crisis and mental health.  As a husband and father, Greg knows first hand the challenges that working families are facing especially now with the cost of everything skyrocketing.  That is why Greg supported an amendment to the budget which doubled state tax cuts to $1.2 billion for working families by cutting wasteful partisan spending.  Democrats blocked that amendment. 

Greg believes that when someone seeks healthcare in our State, it should be of the highest quality and as safe as possible. This is why Greg listened to the Connecticut Medical Society who know best and opposed a bill to expand legal surgical abortions to providers who are not medical doctors.  Greg believes strongly in a woman’s right to choose. If the bill had required the training and oversight recommended by the CMS, Greg would have voted in favor.  Greg opposes most medical mandates and especially a ban on abortion within the limits that most people agree with.

Greg fought against school quarantine procedures in the fall of 2021 by providing factual data from Massachusetts to clearly show that the current protocols were not decreasing the spread of COVID but they were furthering a mental health and educational crisis with our kids while putting an unnecessary burden on working parents.  While the bloated budget that passed had too much unnecessary spending, Greg was proud to have allocated $250,000 in necessary spending to provide Child Guidance Center services in Pawcatuck to ease access for Stonington and North Stonington children trying to rebound from two years of pandemic shutdowns.

Greg got to Hartford just after a sweeping Police Accountability saddled our towns with massive unfunded mandates and hamstrung law enforcement. Greg immediately went to work across the aisle to find solutions that maintained police accountability while supporting the necessary work of honest and professional police officers.  Greg initiated legislation to restore searches necessary for criminal investigations, but with realistic safeguards in place to prevent police misconduct.   This fix found overwhelming bi-partisan support and became law in PA 21-33.  After a nearly two year battle, Greg was part of a team of legislators that finally amended police accreditation to an equivalent state standard at a far less expensive cost to municipalities.  

Greg knows crime and Greg knows kids. That’s why Greg was a key player in HB5417, a bi-partisan bill to address juvenile crime and car thefts in a manner that promoted public safety while giving young people an opportunity to find a pathway out of a life of crime.  Greg supported amending CT law so that the severity of car theft relied more on multiple offenses than simply the value of the vehicle. Greg knows that everyone’s transportation is important, regardless of the vehicle’s value and that repeat offenders pose more of a risk to public safety.

Greg knows that the government provides needed services but its cost and involvement in our lives needs to be limited.

Greg considers it an honor to bring our voice to Hartford and pledges to continue to return every phone call, email or text he gets from all of his constituents, not just the ones who voted for him.