Meet Greg

police officer

Greg has served the public as a police officer with the Stonington Police Department for 20 years. Public safety and public service are of paramount importance to him.

community service

Greg cares about everyone, especially children and disadvantaged children. He started and manages a very popular football and cheerleading program where every child is welcome and no parent needs to pay.


Greg is married to his wife Shana of 14 years, a North Stonington native. Together they are raising 2 sons who attend Stonington Public Schools.


Greg has already been well-received by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle and is appointed to 3 powerful legislative committees. Greg was made the Ranking Member of the Public Safety Committee as a freshman legislator and is an active and engaged member of the Judiciary and Appropriations Committees. 

Greg is a genuine public servant. He is all about our community. He’s lived in this area his entire life and married a North Stonington native with whom he shares two young sons.  Greg is a highly respected veteran police detective with the Stonington Police Department and the architect, organizer, fund raiser and coach of a hugely popular no-cost football and cheerleading program.  Greg interacts with a broad cross section of the public and local businesses every single day and knows the people in his district and our challenges like no one else.

When something needs fixing or doing or someone needs a helping hand, Greg always steps up, not to campaign or to take credit but because it’s the right thing to do. Greg will never promise us the moon to get our votes but he will always keep our district front and center in every vote he makes. Greg considers it an honor to bring our voice to Hartford and pledges to continue to return every phone call, email or text he gets from all of his constituents, not just the ones who voted for him.

Greg is a genuine public servant.
He is all about people over politics.